was held on WEDNESDAY 24th FEBRUARY 2021

Draft Minutes 


President: Mrs Anne Smallwood     Committee  
Vice Presidents: Mrs Patricia Stovold     Mrs Sue Bower Laleham
Mrs Joyce Jarvis     Mrs Clare Grigsby Woking
Captain: Mrs Gerry Ross Tyrrells Wood   Mrs Pat McNeil Chipstead
Hon Secretary: Mrs Judy Searle   Mrs Jeannette Goulding Clandon Regis
Hon Treasurer: Mrs Val Talbot   Mrs Mary Pickford Reigate Heath
Vice Captain: Mrs Suzie Gordon Strawberry Hill   Mrs Heather Bristow Bramley
Past Captain Mrs Vicky Wheeler Sutton Green   Mrs Barbara Thompson Fulwell

 Apologies received:      Mrs Pam Freeman Vice- President 

The Chair, Anne Smallwood – President of the Society, opened the meeting at 11.00am and extended a warm welcome to the Committee, who were present via “zoom” to the AGM. She told us that although this has been a very difficult year we could be playing golf again on 29th March. With this in mind she is taking part in extra Joe Wicks sessions so that she is fighting fit for golf!

She announced the death of the following members during the last year, many of whom had contributed to the running of the Society, and wished to convey our condolences to their families and friends:

Mrs Sue Cleworth,   Mrs Rachel Holloway, Mrs Valerie Howard, Mrs Helen Johnson, Mrs Enda Pearce (Committee Member)  Mrs Veronia Tew, (SLCS Captain 2016)

The Chairman then asked the Secretary to convene the meeting for the 57th AGM.

  1. Judy read the notice for the 2021 AGM.


  1. Minutes: The minutes of the previous AGM on Wednesday, 19th February 2020 had been sent to members prior to the meeting. The Chairman asked for a show of hands in favour and she then agreed to sign and date the Minutes at a later meeting.


  1. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising from those Minutes.


  1. Captain’s Report 2020: Gerry Ross told us that it was a great honour to be invited to be Captain last year and that she was looking forward to a busy and exciting year meeting as many of our members as she could at our Matches and Meetings. Little did we know what was coming – COVID 19!

With the support of her fellow Officers and Committee members she made the decision early on to cancel all our events for the year. We felt this was the best thing to do in the circumstances as it meant everybody knew what was happening (or not happening to be exact).Gerry reported that she is very pleased that all the Officers and Committee members have agreed to stay in office for an extra year so there are no nominations for 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Captain said that we are aware that you paid your subscription for 2020 and although we were unable to hold our events, we still had administration expenses to cover and the cost of postage was very expensive this year. We also made our usual donations as we felt these individuals and charities would be struggling during this difficult year.                                                                                                                                                    Gerry concluded by saying that she sincerely hopes that with the ongoing vaccination programme we will be able to hold our Matches and Meetings in 2021 and she is looking forward to seeing you at these events.

The Chair thanked Gerry for her report and all the work she had undertaken this year. She expressed her delight that she was continuing as SLCS Captain 2021.


  1. Secretary’s Report 2020:

The Secretary, Judy Searle said that the year started so well – the lovely meal at the AGM at Walton Heath, the general approval of our new hand book. She said that she was very happily getting to grips with the new website and she and Val seemed to be on top of the membership lists. She did express concern that hardly any more GDPR forms had been returned in spite of their inclusion with the annual posting to those had failed to respond to earlier requests.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Our first Committee meeting was held, without some key members, as the news about the Coronavirus was very worrying. Immediately after the weekend we went into the first lockdown, and it was not looking good. The decision was made to postpone the Spring meeting and all members, with emails were notified and the website updated. It had been reassuring to receive such supportive responses to our decision. Judy told the meeting that lockdown had provided more time to scan various items, mainly those GDPR forms and the Joan Laker papers that Pat Stovold had provided. This does mean that we no longer need to keep paper records of our members.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As she prepared the 2021 handbook she told us that her technical troubles took over. Having had an upgraded system installed by a so called expert, she was without access to her own documents, files or emails for over a month. No sooner had the system been sorted than the Society email stopped functioning, and although the previous Secretary and our web designer tried to help, the only solution was to set up a new email address, which is now linked to the website. The Handbook Printer, as last year was extremely helpful, until he had to self -isolate, however he did manage to have everything ready in time. Judy expressed special thanks to Vicky for all her help in checking the hand book, collecting them and then returning a couple of hundred in the envelopes which Judy had provided. This help was invaluable and she managed to get everything into the post by the end of the second week in January. She is aware that a number of our members will not have received a handbook this year as they have not given their authority to be contacted. These numbers will become apparent when Val checks our membership list against the bank statement.                                                                                                                                                                              By holding this AGM via Zoom it does show what a lot of new tricks we have all learnt during the past twelve months! Let us hope for better things in 2021 and a return to a more familiar way of living.

In thanking Judy for her report Anne said how much she appreciated the amount of work that was involved in producing and posting the handbook this year.


  1. The Treasurer’s Report 2020:

Val reminded us that this is her third Treasurer’s report for the AGM but the first she has done so on line! She expressed the thought that this last year has been a year of firsts for many of us in all sorts of different ways. She reported that she has spent most of the summer months refunding BACS payments for the meetings that unfortunately were not able to take place. It had been an arduous job as she had to get everything correct, ie account name, sort code and account number. She wanted to thank everyone for their patience over this as she only manage to do a few each day before she went cross eyed on the PC with numbers. As you can see from the balance sheet, we paid all our donations as usual, this year from our accounts as we obviously didn’t have any ball sweeps to cover the donations.                                                                                                                   She then made her usual plea: Cheques are paid in via a machine at Santander so all cheques should be written clearly in black pen please. Now that more and more of the members are now making on-line payments, we must make sure that they are for the correct amount and set up to pay on the closing date of the meeting. When paying the annual subscriptions we need have your correct name on the payment, rather than the name of the payee. All these small things make the job so much easier. Thank you                                                                                                                                                       Once again Val thanked Graham for auditing our accounts and she reported that she was pleased to be able to deliver and collect them with ‘the rules’ of lockdown. She finished by saying how we are looking forward to our golf again and she sincerely hopes to see many of our members on and off the golf course during our summer and beyond.

There were no questions from the Committee for the Treasurer; the Chairman asked that the report be adopted

The Chair then thanked Val for her report and the hard work she has undertaken in this difficult year as Treasurer.


  1. Confirmation of Officers for 2021:

The President:                          Mrs Anne Smallwood  In office

The Chairman proposed the re-election of Vice-Presidents en bloc – as they continue in office:

Mrs Pam Freeman         Mrs Pat Stovold          Mrs Joyce Jarvis

 She then confirmed that the Captain Mrs Gerry Ross (Tyrrells Wood) Vice Captain          Mrs Suzie Gordon (Strawberry Hill) were in office as were the Secretary and Treasurer.

The following Committee members continue in office:

       Mrs Sue Bower (Laleham)   Mrs Clare Grigsby (Woking)                      Mrs Pat McNeil (Chipstead)  Mrs Jeannette Goulding (Clandon Regis)    Mrs Mary Pickford (Reigate Heath)  Mrs Heather Bristow: (Bramley)  Mrs Barbara Thompson:  (Fulwell)

Anne then reminded us that Sara Brown has made a slow but steady recovery from her illness last year and is looking forward to running the LOLAs lunch in October this year.

She then thanked the Committee for their attendance and commitment, and Gerry for setting up the meeting.

Meeting closed 11.20am

Date of next Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 9th March 2022